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Presently, HOPCOMS handles around 100 metric tonnes of fruits and vegetables every day. The member farmers bring their produce to the Society, where the produce is graded, weighed and the payment is made to the farmers immediately. To help the growers for transporting the produce, the Society has procurement centres in major supply areas namely Sarjapura, Channapatna, Hosakote and Kanakapura.

The procured fruits and vegetables are supplied to consumers through the Society’s retail outlets in Bangalore and Kolar. Presently, HOPCOMS has 257 retail outlets (Bagnalore Urban and Rural-238, Kolar-19) which provide fresh fruits and vegetables to the consumers.

The Society has also taken the lead in supplying quality vegetables and fruits to all the Government Hospitals, Hostels, Major Factories, Clubs etc. It also undertakes bulk supplies to marriages and other social functions


HOPCOMS also prepares and sells fresh juices such as Blue Grape, Mango, Orange etc. and selling the same to the general public at Rs. 10-00 per bottle.

Supply of inputs to growers

HOPCOMS supplies inputs such as manures and fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, Gibberelic Acid, Secateurs etc. to the growers at reasonable rates.


During the year 2013-14, the Society’s total turnover was Rs. 95 Crore 85 Lakh.

Financial Assistance

  • To strengthen and expand the activities of HOPCOMS, different Zilla Parishaths have provided Rs. 11.57 lakh.

  • For various development porgrammes, National Horticultural Board has provided Rs. 28.18 lakh as grant and Rs. 1.08 lakh as loan. The entire amount has been utilized to strengthen and develop HOPCOMS. The loan amount has been repaid.

  • NCDC sanctioned a project for Rs. 448 lakh to expand the activities of HOPCOMS by opening Central Godowns, Procurement Centres, Retail Outlets, Processing Units and for purchase of Transport Vehicles. NCDC’s loan amount of Rs. 215 lakh has been paid back with interest.